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5 Reel Drive Online Slot Totally

Cash Cruise through the Freeway with 5 Reel Drive Online Video Slot
5 Reel Drive Video Slot offers the best experience in online casino slots. This Video Slot game caters for every slot lover’s needs as it comes equipped with real time gaming technology and graphics. The 5 reel drive slot is a 5 reel, 9 payline slot game with a Wild symbol and Free Spins to make winning an easy drive.
5 Reel Drive Video Slot is based on the American fast food chain, with the screen covered with tantalizing burgers and fried chips which represent major bucks, thus making you extra hungry for more spins. Whether you prefer living life in the fast ‘line’ or you love your food to bits, 5 Reel Drive takes you on an ultimate journey to slot discovery and massive rewards.
The 5 Reel Drive Video Slot comes with a Scatter symbol represented by a police car. The Scatter symbol makes it possible for you to win as long the police car feature appears on the screen in any fashion provided that at least three of the symbols display on the screen. The 5 Reel Drive slot also makes winning easy through its Free Spins and Wild Symbol.
Note that the Wild symbol which is represented by the Winding Road symbol is able to replace all the other symbols except for the Scatter symbol to create the winning combination. With its multiple payouts, playing the maximum bet on the 5 Reel Drive slot game always gives you greater rewards.

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