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Ladies Nite Play Online FREE Slots

Exclusive Ladies Nite Video Slot with glossy added features
If you’ve ever wondered what happens when ladies decide to have an exclusive night all by themselves; then worry no more as Play Online Casino reveals the secret with the Ladies Nite Online Video Slots. I know that you are made to believe that ladies do not love playing online video slot games; that is all a fallacy and just so you know, ladies hold pole position in playing online video slot games and Platinum Play Online Casino’s latest video slot has all the features of an exclusive ladies night.
The Ladies Nite Video Slot is definitely a hit amongst male video slot players who are trying to decode and understand how women think and operate. Imagine yourself in a funky ‘nite’ club filled with nothing but ladies who are allowed to go wild and offer the best bonuses; you are entitled to play for that jackpot prize of the ‘nite’ and if you manage to hit a winning combination, you get to take the jackpot home with you; all these features come with the Ladies Nite Video Slot.
Ladies Nite Video Slot is exclusively made to impress party girls, offering 15x free spins and wins. This video slot game offers a total of 45 winning combinations and a bonus game that’s activated by hitting 3 or more ‘topless waiters’ anywhere on the reels. The scatter symbols give the opportunity to dance away to a possible 150,000 casino credits grand prize. This video slot tells all the hidden agendas about ladies and the payout is determined in accordance with all those pairs of shoes.
We hope you enjoy playing “Ladies Nite”.

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