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Free Slot Game Winning Wizards 5-Reel

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Wondrous wealth, as if by magic
Its magic and mayhem again as you tips the hands of fate in your favor for some awesome wealthy winnings with Winning Wizards, the video slot from Bonus Play Online Casino!
On this 5-reel, 5-pay reel game you can indulge in some personal gains with magical mysteries like wands, arcane tomes, crystal balls and feathered familiars. The potential prediction of remarkable rewards here is when the four-time Bonus features are activated, each one promising incredible cash boosts.
The Golden Goose Bonus features have four different bonus modes. The first one, Random Credits, conjures up to 200 extra coins, and the Golden Goose Egg-picker lets you select one of fifteen golden eggs, each one ready to pop open and boost the coins or the Free Spins. On the third Bonus game, Money or the Egg, you choose between winning either 1000 coins or selecting the egg instead, which could unlock a stunning 50 Free Spins and a 3x multiplier. The last bonus mode, Pick a Card, gives you the chance to win up to 11 Free Spins and an astonishing, out-of-this-world 6x Multiplier!
Winning Wizards could pay up to 20 000.00 coins in the base game alone, with the promise of up to 120 000.00 coins in the bonus features!
Make this the time of fulfilling financial foresight and play the Winning Wizards video slot at Free Play right now!.

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