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Crazy 80’s Video Slot

Crazy 80’s Online Video Slot is one of the most exciting and addictive online casino games on Free Play Online Casino. This online video slot game offers a whopping 25,000 casino jackpot. Crazy 80’s Video Slot is based on the times and life of the 80’s, a decade where people lived on high adrenalin, having fun and entertaining themselves through music and dance.
The colourful graphics for this video slot game is inspired by the fashion sense of the 80’s, where most people at the time preferred all bright and colourful clothes. Crazy 80’s video slot is sure to drive you crazy with its massive payout percentage and jackpot amount. This video slot game also comes with wild symbol which is complemented by the scatter symbol, increasing your chances of winning.
Crazy 80’s Video Slot has a very simple and straight forward betting system, doing it the old fashioned way. The 80’s decade is all about the show, with curly afros, double belts, and aviator sunglasses. For you to win big, you need to hit a combination of these 80’s features. You’ll also love to hit the Beat-box, which is the game’s wild symbol. The Beat-box is able to replace any missing symbol to result in a winning combination on your selected paylines. The legwarmer scatter is another symbol you would love to hit on the Crazy 80’s Video Slot game.
The legwarmer scatter guarantees a payout if there’s three or more symbols on the reels regardless of the order they lined up.
Crazy 80’s Video Slot game also comes with its very own 80’s style pop music. So, while you’re hitting those winning combinations like crazy, Crazy 80’s Video Slot plays instrumental music in the background. You also get a bonus track when you hit certain winning combinations, spreading that 80’s effect on your surroundings.
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